Your domain has just migrated to https. Is there anything you should adjust in SEOmonitor? How is the keyword data going to be impacted?

The only action that needs to be taken is the authorization of the new https Google Search Console (GSC) profile(s). This can be done in Settings >> Website Settings:

Once all of the new GSC profiles are connected, the platform will automatically add them to its algorithm of breaking down the not-provided traffic data from Analytics. The eventual slight errors in the traffic distribution on keywords, following the migration, will most likely be fixed once the Google search data is updated.

Rank tracking for the monitored keywords won't be affected by the migration. It will be automatically detected and marked with an annotation on the graph on the keyword page, and also as an event on the keyword events timeline:

Displaying the rank fluctuation triggered by the migration will also make it easier to evaluate its positive impact.

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