Articles linking to your website impact your business in three ways: they generate referral traffic, they create awareness through social media and, perhaps most importantly, they increase the Visibility of your website in Google. Being able to accurately measure all of them will give you a complete picture of the value they bring to your business. 

That was our goal when we designed the Content Performance module.

The platform automatically detects all the articles that link to landing pages in your domain. 

Separately from the autodetected articles, you can also manually input them or import them through a CSV.

For each articles, a number of performance indicators are available:

  • Domain Rating - it shows how strong the backlink profile of the website is, on a scale of 0 to 100;

  • social media shares - this is split between Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn;

  • visits, conversions and transactions (pulled from Analytics);

  • the linked landing page/s on your website 

  • the status of the links and their anchor texts (active, deleted, changed, no follow);

  • the list of tracked keywords that trigger the landing page linked in the article and their combined search volume

  • the impact the backlink might have had on the Visibility of the landing page (calculated for the keywords mentioned above).

In the upper side of the screen you can find some top stats, namely an aggregation of all articles' performance in the selected time frame, as well as a comparison with the previous timeframe:

The most important new articles are also featured in the scheduled reports, in the "Top newly discovered articles that link to your website" category.

All of the data from the External Content Performance module can easily be exported via API or as a PDF.

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