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Saying that the Internet is moving from desktop to mobile is nothing but stating the obvious. The same trend applies to the search industry, as nearly 60% of the Google searches in 2016 were on mobile.

At SEOmonitor, we believe that measuring and understanding mobile SEO performance is not optional. Mobile rank tracking and Visibility are thus by default included in every campaign, unlike with other platforms, and without any additional costs. This enables our users to have access to the following mobile-focused stats and metrics:

Mobile Visibility

To navigate between desktop and mobile data, use the master switch in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Once on the mobile view, for each keyword group you can see the mobile Visibility Score and its trend throughout the selected time frame:

Mobile search percentage

A particularly relevant and unique metric is the "Mobile search" percentage, which indicates the mobile proportion of the total search volume of the keyword lists.

This figure is derived from Ads data. Since mobile penetration is very different depending on the industry, this metric is particularly important to understand the impact and urgency of mobile Visibility for each campaign.

Mobile SERP features and AMP

Zooming in at a keyword level, the platform offers relevant information about mobile SERP features. The most important one is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), which is a popular ranking factor nowadays. You will see it highlighted whenever your website is listed for a certain keyword.

The AMP listings and any other events that might have influenced a keyword's mobile rank are all automatically displayed on the keyword's mobile events timeline, which is different from the one for desktop. By not only looking at the events but also at the rank changes that follow them, it will be easy to correlate the two and draw valuable conclusions for the SEO strategy.

Device ranking inconsistency alert

Whenever there's a big discrepancy between a keyword's desktop and mobile ranks, it is automatically highlighted as an issue.

To have a grip on this kind of issues, you can create a smart group where they will be automatically displayed, by selecting the Warnings >> Data rank inconsistency condition.

Competitors' mobile SEO performance

As far as the competition is concerned, SEOmonitor tracks the mobile SEO performance of all competitors on a daily basis, from day 1 of the campaign, generating meaningful comparisons on Visibility.

For each competitor, the analysis indicates (through a green line) whether their Visibility is balanced between mobile and desktop or not.

This data will enable you to spot the competitors that are performing well on mobile and further analyze their approach, so you may learn new ways to improve your mobile SEO performance.

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