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We sometimes need triggers to stay on top of the abundance of data we have to analyze. That's why it's convenient to always get an overview sent straight to our inbox and easily decide if your attention is needed.

Customizing reports adds complexity to your work and that's why we "translated" the data for you, in a few standard modules that you can choose to have in your email reports.

1. Overall SEO Performance

This is a quick overview of your Visibility Score and Non-brand Organic Traffic and their trends, compared to the previous corresponding timeframe:

2. Group Performance

Shows your top- and worst-performing groups, in terms of gains and losses of Visibility:

By default, you see the top ones, but you can choose to see specific groups as well. There is also the option to exclude folders - a cluster of groups. You would still receive information on the groups contained in these folders, according to your report settings.

3. Topic Performance

Instead of looking at individual keywords that refer to the same user intent, we automatically gather these keywords under the same topic. Most of the time, the ranks will vary for the entire topic, rather than for individual keywords and that’s why we’ve chosen this topic view, rather than the more classic keyword view.

4. Competition Performance

Shows your competitors' visibility trend for the keywords you're tracking.
The default version displays the competitors already selected in the Competition Insights section in the platform, but you can select different ones in the report customization:

5. New Backlinks 

Displays the latest discovered articles linking to your website, with info on their corresponding tracked keywords, search volumes, social signals, and domain authority:

Delivery options

You can select the frequency - day of the week for the weekly reports or a specific date for the monthly ones.

If the Active checkbox is ticked, the reports will be generated, no matter if you are subscribed to them or not, so other people subscribed to them would still receive them accordingly. (This setting affects all users on the account, not just yours!)

If the Subscribed checkbox is ticked, you will receive the reports by email, according to the selected frequency and as long as the reports are Active on the specific campaign. (This setting only affects your user and the report needs to be Active on the campaign.)

On-demand reports can be generated through the "Send Report Now" button.

History of sent reports

A complete history of the sent reports and details on their delivery can be accessed in Settings >> Scheduled reports >> Actions:

Extra tip:

Did you know that you can also have branded reporting by adding your logo for the header in Settings >> Account settings?

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