To help you be prepared for when you'd need to use the details from SEOmonitor offline, be it in presentations or custom reports, we've enabled a few different export options, besides the automatically generated (weekly/monthly) reports.

You have these download options available in almost all modules and you can choose what type of file is best suited for your needs:

  • CSV file: containing all of the metrics in that specific section
  • PDF file: containing a visual image of the selection

After the download is requested, you will be notified by email and in the platform as well. There's a report of all of the requested CSV exports in the Exports Dashboard.

All exports are for the selected timeframe - the default selection being for the last 30 days.

Dashboard export

This will give you a summary of each campaign, with the number of keywords tracked, search volumes, set target percentage and the current Visibility Score. 

Organic Traffic exports

You can choose between one of the two types of files or a Search Console data export. 

SEO Campaign exports

The download options are available:

  • in the top stats, on “All keywords”, in each of the other groups and on the individual keyword pages;
  • in the sidebar menu, giving you info on each group's keyword count, corresponding search volumes and Visibility Scores and changes;
  • for the Year over Year search trends, at a group or keyword level;
  • above the Visibility Score graph, giving its details.

In the top menu for downloads, you'll notice that you can also get a more detailed CSV, with all of the SERP details. This also includes the top 20 ranks (desktop and mobile) for each keyword, with their landing pages for each day of the selected timeframe.

Competition Insights exports

You'll find the Download options as follows:

  • in the top stats, giving you details about Search Volumes, average CPC, aggregations, ranks and trends;
  • on the Visibility Score graphs, giving you both yours and your competitors' daily Visibility Scores.

Additionally, you can also download a CSV with the keywords in our database, for your site or the competitors':

Content Performance export

The two types of exports, CSV and PDF, are available in this section as well. The CSV export provides you with all the details of your site’s activity in the selected timeframe, as a spreadsheet or a pdf.

Forecast (Business Case Builder) export

There are two export options available here:

  • in the top right-hand side, you can get the CSV for the overview or the PDF with the displayed graphs, no matter if you've already set the target or not;
  • in the bottom right-hand side, you can get a detailed CSV export, , but it is only available for set forecasts.

API exports

Another option of exporting raw data is directly through the API.

It is available to all paying clients and you can read more about it in the “Export data through the SEOmonitor API” article.

If you'd like to use Google Data Studio for processing the raw data, we've written a guide on how to do so here.

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