For each of your keywords, the SEO Difficulty measures how challenging it would be to get the site to rank in the top 10 Google results page. It helps you assess whether investing your efforts in certain keywords would be worth it.

In case you don't see the Difficulty labels as Hard, Medium or Easy, it is because the campaign is on a market where we don't yet have our own keyword database.
This means that you'll see a different display of this metric, where green bars would signal easy and red bars difficult.
It is expressed as a percentage - 0% to 100%, where 0% means it's not difficult at all and 100% means it would be extremely difficult to rank in the top for that keyword.

Note that this indicator is not affected by the date range.

It is calculated based on the following factors:

  • focus - calculated as the total number of indexed LPs for that keyword

  • general complexity - representing the total number of indexed pages for the monitored domain

  • rank - current rank for the keyword

Tip: We'd recommend that you prioritize and focus your resources on keywords that have a low degree of difficulty and a high opportunity (another in-house metric).

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