Whenever you need an export for a large volume of data, when you are trying to customize the client reports or simply want to integrate them with a third party tool (such as Klipfolio, for which we have a pre-built connector), this can be achieved via our API.

There are 4 easy steps:

  1. generate an API key/token by going in the Account Settings area and copying it, once it was generated. Note that only the account's owner or admins have access to the API key;

  2. access the API documentation at this link https://api.internal.seomonitor.com/api-docs or directly from the app, from the Account settings area;

  3. test it by pasting in the API key, in the designated area at the top of the page of API documentation;

  4. once you chose the desired API area, add the required parameters, such as the site ID (or SID) or Group ID (both of which can be found in the URL from the app, as shown here), date range, keyword ID (found on the keyword page) click the 'Try it out!' button.

For any questions or problems that might come up, our Customer Service team is here to help, through the in-app chat or via email. Remember to mention the API query you're making and the endpoint in which is happening, to keep things going smoother.

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