On-demand feature and the costs 

A white-label is usually requested by companies/agencies that need a custom view in the platform and in the reports that they share with their clients. It is also available for non-agency clients that need this kind of an account.

It comes as an on-demand feature and it costs €250/month, additional to any subscription level.

White-label own logo and login screen domain

A custom subdomain will be used for the login screen, for example seo.agencyname.com.

The SEOmonitor logo will also be replaced with the logo of choice throughout the platform: the dashboard shortcut and the watermarks on the graphs.

The white-label applies to the entire account (all of the campaigns) - it cannot be customized for each specific campaign in the account.

E-mail reports

All the email notifications will be sent from the custom domain email address, for example seoalert@agencyname.com.

All exported documents will also have the company/agency logo.

Branded reports 

Note that the SEOmonitor subscription allows any user to brand the reports and all exported PDF files, at no additional cost.

This option is available in the Account Settings, where you can upload your logo(s). The hosting domain will remain as https://app.seomonitor.com and with SEOmonitor branding throughout the platform.

For you to enable a white-label in the SEOmonitor platform, please contact our Customer Service team, as this option implies technical customisations and additional costs.

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