• the current Visibility Score 
  • the SEO performance-related change for the last 7 days average (average Visibility Score)
  • and the last 30 days Trend

The Average Visibility Score 

The idea behind using an average visibility here was to reflect a more realistic image of your project’s status. 

For example, if your Visibility has a major change just for 1 day in the past week, that would only be an “extraordinary” event and not the normal trend it goes in. So it could be misleading, if you saw a drop/spike at first glance.

The Average Visibility score is calculated only from the SEO performance-related part of the Visibility Score for the current day minus the average for the last 7 days (current day included). 

The Visibility trend

When you hover over the current Visibility, you get a pop-up showing the Visibility throughout the last 30 days. 

Bear in mind that pitching campaigns will appear with N/A for the Average Visibility Score, because these don't have one, as they only have one day of ranks and Visibility.

Note that a Visibility above 10% would lose the decimals (18.8% becomes 18%), while one below 10% would keep the decimals (5.2% remains 5.2%).

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