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Tips for improving the performance of the app
Tips for improving the performance of the app
Quick and simple tips to ensure optimal performance – though we always put in the work on our side to make sure it's all smooth for you!
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Since speed (of movement, of math calculations, of action, and others) always impacts our daily activities and results, we are offering some tips that, used wisely, could gain a real margin for you as a SEOmonitor user.

Even if it’s a few seconds shaved away here and there, they could add up. So here are some small workarounds that would address your… need for speed.

1. Whitelist to facilitate assist

While we are not breaking any international standard (on this topic or whatsoever), ad blockers can still interfere with our platform - it’s in their natural instinct.

Pop-up windows may be blocked and filtered by the browser, at a network level, and they would not load at all.

But the exception rules always override the blocking ones, so you would just need to whitelist and the subdomain in your adblocker.

2. Shorten the Group list and cast away the mist

While we do encourage our users to broaden and diversify their research, a long list of hundreds of groups would not bring added value. You could easily get confused by groups with similar names or by scrolling up and down a never-ending list.

But, even more easily, you can improve performance by organizing your list, curator-like. You can assemble your groups within folders, according to your relevant chosen criteria. Then, instead of scrolling and scrolling, you just expand/collapse the list.

3. Dashboard with a limited view – information just for you

Some of you may have accounts with tens of campaigns or even more. The data in the dashboard is loaded in a dynamic way, each campaign drawing its own metrics along.

The more campaigns are visible in the dashboard, the more time they will require to load the different data points.

As an owner of the account or an admin with visibility to all of them, that view can get a bit overwhelming.

The way to go around this would be to have a selective view of the campaigns: you can set custom filters, according to your desired criteria (which can be inputted as text, numbers, select list, users or dates). A simple "trick" that helps intelligently assess only the data that's relevant for you.

At a user level (non-admins), each user can only see their respective campaigns (with the access granted by the Account Manager).

4. Deleting competitors will not erase them from existence – it would only bring speed and consistency

Keeping an eye on many competitors could, of course, be very useful. However, please note that each competitor you keep saved in the view impacts the loading speed in a negative way. This comes from the high amount of data that is required to be calculated and integrated “on the fly” for them, thus downgrading the performance.

We advise keeping only a minimum and the most relevant set of competitors saved at all times. Remember that you can always add any at a later time - the data will still be there, as we are already tracking all of them since day 1, no matter if you are tracking them or not.

5. Keyword quantity vs velocity

Please note that irrelevant keyword tracking will both affect the speed and the accuracy of your report(s). What would be the point of tracking 2000 keywords when half of them would have 0 searches? It just adds to loading, billing, and potential frustration. The more relevant the pool of keywords is to your campaign, the more relevant the generated data would be.

We also recommend organizing your keywords in batches groups or folders, depending on campaigns, markets, product types, etc. Another option would be to have the keyword list split across different campaigns, based on locations - granted that they are of the more localized queries.

You would then have both faster and more relevant results.

Remember that we want you to make the most out of your experience with the platform and we are here to learn from your engagement with it.

No matter if the feedback is minor or (especially) negative, please send it our way, as we always see it as a constructive incentive. It is your feedback that lays the grounds for us to develop innovative ways to improve the platform.

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