The keyword page is part of the SEO Campaign section and it has multiple indicators for the selected keywords. 

You can get to it by clicking on any of the tracked keywords, from any section of the app. You can easily recognise tracked keywords even in the Organic Traffic or Research modules, as they’re the ones that are underlined and hyperlinked (to their corresponding pages).

Now on to the Keyword page, the Top Stats show the mobile and desktop ranks on the last selected day in the calendar.

From there, you have multiple tabs that offer different insights.


For the selected timeframe, the graph here will display the changes in the keyword performance, including information about:

  • The ranks for both desktop and mobile

  • SERP feature changes

  • Annotations - including Landing Page switches on either device

You can also Download the ranks directly from here.

Landing Page Tab

This is where you find details on the indexed landing page for the keyword, with a snapshot as well. 

We also provide more details about:

  • The title

  • Meta description

  • Headings 

  • Indexability

  • Backlinks

  • Social signals

You can also view multiple snapshots, if available.

Historical Changes Tab

Will have available information about events that might have influenced the ranks.

Generally, it’s about Landing page switches or about SERP features changes. You’d need to enable the latter, so it would be displayed accordingly.

Competition Tab

If you’re looking for details about the top 20 competitors, this is the spot to get them at a keyword level.

These details include their rank and the ranking URL rating, together with the full landing page and its impressions.

This is also where you can explore the non-branded keywords of the pages and start tracking them.

Note that all the information provided in this tab is from our database and so it is not refreshed daily.

Similar Keywords Tab

This tab is enabled only when keywords are available. These keywords are uncovered from Organic Traffic (resulting from the not-provided distribution - which means that you’d need both GA and GSC connected) and are longtails from your tracked keyword.

We’re showing the top 20 results, ordered descending, by visits.

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