The Best Rank is the highest (all-time) position your website reached with a certain keyword as the result of a search in Google.

  1. Signals card

One way to get a view of your tracked keywords filtered by Best Rank is via the “Best Ranks Achieved” Signals card, accessible from the Signals section of the app:

The result provided by this filtering option will be a list of keywords that reached their best rank in the last 30 days, also including their current rank.

  1. Advanced Filters

Another option is through Advanced Filters, where you have two choices:

                 A. Filter by Best Rank

Filter by “best rank is higher/lower than” a selected value and the result will be a list of keywords that met the filtering condition at any time since they were added in the campaign. The rank displayed for each keyword will the one it has in the last day of the selected time frame.

                B. Filter by the “best rank” label

This filtering option will return a list of keywords for which the best rank ever achieved is also the latest.

The pool of keywords taken into consideration will be the one available in the selected time frame and the displayed rank will be the one corresponding to the last day selected in the calendar.

Keywords will get the Best Rank label every time they reach their best rank, provided that it’s the highest position they ever reached and they still maintain it on the last day selected in the calendar.

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