The only resources that you pay for are websites and keywords. We don’t charge for pitching campaigns, multiple users, reports or API exports.

If you want to track the same website (or a folder) on a different market (or the same market, but a different language) or localized to a city, this calls for a separate campaign. 

As these keywords get different ranks and search volumes based on each of those criteria, the corresponding campaigns will be crawled separately and charged accordingly.


For a website targeting the same 1000 keywords on 3 different search engines, you should add 3 different campaigns. At 1000 keywords for each, you’d be billed for 3000 keywords and 3 websites.

Subdomains (like or and “other owner media” (e.g. also tracking can also be tracked together with the main domain, either in the initial step of the campaign setup or later on, through Website Settings, as shown below:

The rank you will see in the platform is the better rank of the two.

If you need to get ranks for both URLs, you need to add them as separate projects.

If you need to track language folders of the same website separately, you should insert the URL that way during the setup wizard

Different folders on the same search engine (e.g. and tracked on can also be tracked together in one campaign. You can still see their trends separately by using the segment view option in the Organic Traffic section, plus a corresponding smart group for the keywords that respond with that landing page.

Based on the above details, you can do a price estimate for your needs, in the Pricing section on our website, as well as in the Subscription details section of the app, after you’ve created your account.

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