Labels are assigned to certain keywords in order to signal a special characteristic.

1. Brand of others

This label signals that one of your competitors’ websites has a high brand authority over that keyword. It analyzes the rank, site links (full site links OR multiple small site links) and knowledge graphs correlated to the domain.

2. Misspelled

This appears either when Google sees the keyword as a misspelling or when it considers that the intention of the user was to actually make a very similar query. The results are going to be for this other keyword, that’s considered to be the “right” one. 

When performing a Google search for these keywords, you may get the "Showing results for..." or “Including results for” message.

Considering that the results might not actually be what you searched for, we show the label as a mere warning.

3. Low relevance

Highlights that the user’s need or intention might not be met by your website’s content, so it’s unlikely that you’d rank for it. We compute this by analyzing both your website’s and the top competitors’ landing page content.


4. Localized

On country-level campaigns, these keywords have highly personalized results across the various locations we’re running the searches from. This label highlights that the rank displayed does not represent the rank for the entire amount of searches.

So on a campaign, one of these highly localized keywords would have significantly different SERPs between London, Manchester or Liverpool, for example. 

5. Seasonal

A highly seasonal keyword is one having a high search volume in for a few months and then tends to zero for the rest of the year.

  • Full season - such words are at the peak of their seasonality (currently in full season)
  • Season approaching -  keywords will get this label 2 months ahead of the season start, so you can keep an eye on it (approaching soon)
  • Out of season - the keywords' season is far off, practically the entire timeframe except full season and season approaching (out of its peak) 

6. Best rank

This label signals that the keyword has reached its all-time best rank and will be displayed as a small black star icon next to the rank. 

Keywords will get the Best Rank label if the rank on the last day of the interval is also their all-time best rank.

You might also see a yellow star next to the rank which means that the keyword is at its best rank today.

Filtering labeled keywords

Except for “Localized” and “Seasonal”, the labels are dynamic so when keywords no longer meet the criteria or when they start to satisfy different ones, the labels will change. 

You can filter labeled keywords either directly, by clicking on each available label, or by selecting the label from the “advanced filters” section.

There are two labels that can’t be filtered: “your brand” and “new”.

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