In order to make the most accurate segmentation of the organic traffic, we have developed an algorithm that automatically detects the Brand queries and clearly separates them from non-brand ones.

This distribution process starts when the campaign is created, with setting the Brand Rule that should contain the words defining your website’s brand, along with some of their common variations or even the most common misspellings.

These keywords will automatically be assigned to the Brand group. Should you make changes to the Brand Rule at any later time, the new keywords will be taken into consideration for the brand/non-brand segmentation. Bear in mind though that they will only go to the Brand Folder if they follow certain criteria:

  • First 4 results in the SERP belong to your domain


  • The first result contains links with descriptions and you have the 1st rank in the SERP

The Brand Group was created so that all keywords recognized as “your website’s brand” by Google to be excluded from your actual campaign Visibility. This way you would get a more realistic view of your campaigns. Brand keywords will usually rank 1st, so if brand and non-brand keywords would be mixed together, the Visibility Score would be artificially distorted. Note that, alongside the main brand keywords, the folder will also host their close variation(s).

Keywords that rank 1st AND contain words set in the Brand Rule will receive a “mark as brand” button. It will be available on the keyword page and once this option selected, it would send the keyword to the Brand folder. You can also do this through the SEO campaign, when selecting multiple keywords for which the rule applies.

“Unmark as brand” - you can use this option to unmark any keyword in this folder except the ones that have full sitelinks

After analyzing the rank, site links (full site links OR multiple small site links) and the knowledge graphs correlated to the domain, we assign some of your tracked keywords a corresponding “brand” label:

  • the red Brand label signals that one of your competitors’ websites has a high brand authority over that keyword;
  • the green Brand label marks your own brand keywords, when ranking on the 1st position;

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