Create an SEO proposal with SEOmonitor data in Google Slides

Pitch decks typically include screenshots with data. Because your SEOmonitor data would end up as screenshots in these decks, we’ve created a Google Slides Add-on for it.
It would both guide you to create better SEO proposals and make it easier to insert good-looking data into them.

How to get started

1. Install the app

Head to the SEOmonitor Proposal Builder page in the G Suite marketplace.

2. Authorize our add-on to edit your active slide

A pop-up will ask for the authorization to access and edit only the documents that the add-on will be installed in.

While our add-on is still pending to be reviewed (and it usually takes a couple of weeks) you will have to take two extra steps.

Please note that there’s also an issue with the G Suite Marketplace and, at times, the add-on requires a double take on the install process before it actually gets installed.

3. Open the SEOmonitor Add-on
Open a Google Slides presentation and then enable the SEOmonitor add-on: 

4. Authorize your SEOmonitor account
From SEOmonitor >> Settings >> My Account, copy your API key and paste it in the add-on. You’re now ready to import SEOmonitor data in your presentation with a click.

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