What is a pitching campaign?

A pitching campaign is a website added in SEOmonitor for a one-time crawl on ranks and search volumes, so it only calculates the Visibility for the day the keywords were added. 

It does not require an Analytics connection.

It is used for assessing the current performance of a website, its competitive landscape and setting up Forecast scenarios.

This is a complimentary unrestricted perk available to all agency-level accounts, as a way of optimizing costs.

How to create one?

You can access this resource when adding a new campaign, by simply selecting the “Just for pitching” option button. 

Once added, you can also find it in an automatically-created workspace called “Pitching” in your Dashboard, as shown below:


  • Ranks and Visibility available only for the day the keywords were added.

  • Search volume available only for the month the website was added.

  • Since it is a one day crawl, there’s no historical data.

  • No organic traffic data.

  • There is no inertial traffic in the Forecast and it can’t be set up as an objective.

  • Only up to 10.000 keywords can be added.

Further management of pitching projects

Once a prospect becomes a client, the campaign can later be transformed into a regular one, with daily tracking, by connecting an Analytics account from the Settings area.

If it’s no longer of use, it can simply be deleted or archived (if you might need it in the future).

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