Starting April 2020, you have been seeing a popup in your SEOmonitor campaigns, letting you calibrate the Search Volumes with the Year-over-Year Search Trends:

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, we realized that the previously just nice-to-have Year-over-Year data was now critical, as it informs us of the impact this had on the search volumes. It transcends SEO, as it directly reflects the shifts in demand for products, services and information, making the existing 12-month average Search Volumes irrelevant and misleading.

SEO professionals need a way to understand these trends and help their clients make critical business decisions based on them. So besides providing the free Search Trends after COVID-19 tool, we are also calibrating our platform Search Volume data (and consequently the Visibility metric) to reflect the current context.

The new Search Volumes are roughly calculated as:

(average 12-months SV) x (last month's YoY trend)

Note that:

  • You are always able to switch back to the "simple" Search Volumes as 12-month averages. 

  • You will get automatic annotations on the Visibility graph for the moment you have switched to these new values and/or for the moment you switch back.

The more detailed algorithm makes sure that the Search Volumes are correctly adjusted month-to-month and that in 12 months' time, they will naturally roll back to the average Search Volumes, like before.

There are two exceptions from the Search Volume calibration:

  1. For the highly seasonal keywords (like "Christmas gifts"): their out-of-season deviations cannot be taken into account and adjusted with the YoY trends, so we are not calibrating their Search Volumes.

  2. For the "exploding" (new-comers, like "hand sanitizer") or "tanking" keywords (like "Brexit"): we are keeping their current month as the Search Volume, as it is most relevant.

For all of the above, we are considering the 1st of February 2020 as the start of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Remember to check the rest of our solutions for SEO in COVID-19 times and please send any feedback our way!

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