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The previous user interface of our Settings menu was 8 years old and, as SEOmonitor became more complex, this section became a bit cluttered. In order to streamline the customer experience, in 2020, we had to redesign it from scratch and, in the process, we added features, moved some, and removed one.

In this article we will go through the changes, so you will still know where to find everything.

Users in SEOmonitor now come in two categories

1. Team members (what used to be called Admin users) are the ones that have the same access level as the account owner. For a more enhanced view of your users, you can now also fill in their roles and assign managers.

Team members can also be associated with specific campaigns, to become their Account Managers.

2. Clients & Partners (formerly known as Restricted) are the users outside of your team, that only have access to specific campaigns. They can be Members (full access to these campaigns) or Guests (read-only access to these campaigns).

Additionally, we added a feature that was requested by our users: the last time a user was active in the platform - a metric that could indicate their engagement with their campaign data.


This section has also undergone significant improvements, to provide more control, clarity and better integration of your subscription management.

At a glance, you can see what your current account usage is (keywords and websites), how much you are being invoiced, and also get easy access to your billing details and invoices.

1. You can see how many keywords each campaign tracks and the corresponding cost for it in the Cost breakdown view:

2. Quickly check the cost depending on how the resource consumption varies with the price simulator:

3. The cost control (previously found in Website Settings) gives you the option to limit the resource consumption on the account:

4. You can now have a secondary billing contact that will have access to the invoicing details, receive the invoices and can handle the payments:

Campaign Settings

The new design now has a clearer split between Regular, Pitching and Archived campaigns and the table beneath has been decluttered by doing the following:

1. Keyword Trash has now been renamed (Deleted Keywords) and moved into the Edit view in the Visibility module, in the Keyword Groups sidebar, in an effort to keep all keyword management in a single section.

2. The full rank history export has also been moved into the SEO Campaign download section.

3. The Keyword usage has been relocated where it made the most sense, to allow for a better understanding of your consumption. It can now be found in the Billing section under Cost Breakdown (read above).

4. In our effort to help users, we provided an export with all the GSC Keyword Data we stored as Search Console was limiting its stored records to the last 3 months. Since their limit is no longer present, our export option lost its value and we removed it, in order to simplify the interface.

With the additional space left after decluttering, you can now see the tracking location and the responsible user for the campaign (Account Manager).


This section was redesigned for speed and clarity, with a clear split between you and your team, and enhanced the search capability. Each export in this view will now have the full details on the information it contains Campaign, Section, Group, Applied filters, and its timeframe.


This has also gone through a redesign, making it easier for you to set Visibility Trends thresholds at a group or campaign level. There are two default analysis periods to choose from: today versus 7 days ago and today versus 30 days ago. We’re also planning on adding mobile notifications (through our Signals mobile app) on top of the Slack and Email notification channels.

This has all been a huge push towards our goal of completely redesigning SEOmonitor’s interface for a better user experience… and we have more coming!

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