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Client Health Tracker
Client Health Tracker
Understanding the health of the campaigns in your SEOmonitor account and, in turn, the health of your business
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A client health dashboard was something we've planned on developing for some time now, as we've always wanted to help agencies understand the health of their customers. It became even more of a priority to us following 2020's COVID-19 outbreak, as it was now essential to offer agencies a tool that allows them to assess the risk to their business and understand where their focus should be.

This dashboard is accessible from your main account dashboard, through the corresponding "widget" shown below:

At a campaign level, it helps you:

  • understand how the search trends are affecting your customers' businesses, in the current environment (i.e. how much of an impact the COVID-19 outbreak has had);

  • prioritize helping the clients that are seeing a decrease in traffic and/or conversions/revenue; look for opportunities to maximize demands for clients that have upward trends;

  • see your progress towards the set objectives and the customer feedback from their monthly reports.

At the overall portfolio level, you can:

  • understand how your business is impacted, by seeing how "healthy" your whole portfolio is (because of the COVID-19 outbreak or independent of it);

  • get a clear vision on which customers are impacting your revenue negatively and take actions to bring them back or plan accordingly around the "risk" of losing the associated MRR.

What information can I find in the Health Tracker?

Market trends help you understand if and how the demand has shifted, by looking at the Year-over-Year search trends changes (for example, June 2020 compared to June 2019).

Business Health addresses:

  1. Sessions

  2. Revenue/Goals (depending on the setup in Analytics)

We look at their trends for the last 30 days and how they have changed since February (before the COVID-19 outbreak).

This section is currently calibrated to have the most value for the current outbreak, but will be updated for general use once the COVID-crisis ends.

Campaign Health looks at:

  1. Forecast Objectives

  2. Customer Feedback (on monthly reports)

Using the new metrics, you can compute the health indicator to see the health of your client’s campaigns. This will give you insight into how engaged your customers are and if they are happy or perhaps frustrated with the current performance.

Portfolio Health allows you to see at a glance:

  1. Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

  2. The number of clients in your account

To put your revenue health into perspective, we recommend filling in the monthly recurring revenue (MRR), which is your monthly retainer fee from the client.

You can also define what a good or bad campaign means to you, through the Health Settings.

All of these are integrated into a dashboard with an alert system, whenever the health statuses change which, in turn, can trigger actions on your end.

We believe this information is critical for navigating these challenging times, and we hope you'll put it to good use. It's part of our mission to provide agencies with data, tools and knowledge, helping them protect their businesses in this economic downturn.

If your agency has been affected and could use an extra hand, we're offering personalized "after COVID-19" workshops.

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