In order to give agencies a quick and easy way to have a pitch deck for their potential clients, we've created this Google Slides add-on and the steps to install it:

After researching a customer and going through the process of setting up the campaign for the pitch (be it a regular, daily-tracked campaign or a pitching one), we wanted our agency clients to have a quick way of putting the data together in a nicely-designed, easy-to-understand, highly-customizable Google Slides deck.

What we can find in the Proposal builder deck:

  1. Market data - what your campaign numbers look like, in terms of tracked keywords, search volume, mobile search and year-over-year trends.

  2. Competitors - your position visibility-wise among the selected competitors.

  3. Keyword Groups - for each selected group, you will get its performance and how it is fairing against the selected competitors.

  4. Current Organic Traffic - shows you the split of Brand and Non-brand organic traffic for the selected period.

  5. Forecast data - this will be the full view of the scenario or saved objective prepared for the client.

The generated Google slides will contain a few additional slides that let you “make it your own”: from strategy slides, to more generic information about your company, it adds a more “personal” approach to the pitch.

The end result is a beautifully-designed deck, with your handpicked information, ready to go within minutes.

Here is an example of a proposal built with the addon: Proposal Builder Demo Deck

More on how to create a power pitch:

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