The price per used resource (tracked keywords or websites) is not changing, but only the way these resources are calculated.

Back in 2016, we gave up on fixed pricing, with set plans, and introduced dynamic pricing. Our clients would no longer be stuck with a fixed plan and no longer had to pay for resources they didn’t use.

We applied the same rules for our discounted annual pricing: no plans, flexible each month. This made everything fair and helped our clients scale in a convenient way, as there was no need for interaction with our Support team when an upgrade was required and there was also no need for any negotiations or approvals.

At the time, we did account for the fact that, with this system, our clients only paid for the active resources they had on the billing day, which sometimes meant that there was a significant gap between the resources they actually used within the month and the resources they were paying for.

So now we’ve changed that, but still keeping it all simple and easy to understand.

Instead of only being invoiced for the active resources on the billing day, you’d be billed for any resource that was active throughout the month.

To avoid any doubt: a campaign archived mid-billing-cycle would still be considered an active resource within the cycle and add up to invoicing.

Note that the pitching resources are still complimentary.

In Billing, you will be seeing the new interface we’ve built in order to ensure transparency, with your next invoice value and the cost for currently active resources (including the cost split at a campaign level):

The changes are in effect for invoices issued after October 21st.

For any questions, reach out to our Customer Service team, we're glad to help!

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