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Key page changes correlated with rankings
Key page changes correlated with rankings
Understand how key page changes affect your keyword rankings.
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Each keyword gets its own timeline of key changes to the ranking page, highlighting the impact they could have in ranks:

  • Ranking page switch/shift

  • Title change

  • Description change

How does this work?

Every time we refresh the ranks (daily) on both devices, if the website ranks in the top 100 we update:

  • The best-ranking page;

  • Title;

  • Description.

In the Keyword sidebar, on the "Performance" tab, a timeline with all the changes in the selected timeframe is plotted, highlighting the rank changes they might have generated:


  • Correlating significant drops or increases in keyword rankings, generated by key ranking page changes. Multiple changes over the past 30 days signal potential cannibalization issues and are automatically flagged as such.

  • Understanding when Google changes the title and description of your ranking landing page in the SERP and how that could impact rankings.

Included in:


Why can't I see title and/or description changes in the timeline?

They were deactivated and will be redone in Q2 '22.

Does it include important content changes like the H1?

No, not right now.

Can I export these? (or get them through API)

No, not right now.

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