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SEOmonitor Interface Update
SEOmonitor Interface Update
Updated over a week ago


We redesigned some parts of the interface to improve user experience. We aimed to simplify and streamline the interface for improved readability, space-saving, and alignment with the latest design standards.

You'll see changes in the Rank Tracker tables – Strategy, Analysis, and Competition – that have been updated to reduce clutter, look simpler and cleaner, and easier for you to find and understand the data.

One of the main changes is the way you can now use table sorting options. For columns with subheaders, the sorting options have been grouped under a single header that you can access by hovering on it and selecting the sorting metric.


  • Improved readability across the product by using bolder, higher contrast colors for text and small interface elements.

  • Removed explainer icons, borders, separators, and other visual 'accessories' to simplify the interface.



  • Table headers are now consistent across the Rank Tracker Views. Where the table header contained multiple subheaders that you can sort by, these have been grouped under a single one.

You can still sort the data according to each option, by hovering over the table header and selecting the metric – the order direction is by default descending order, you can change to ascending by clicking on the corresponding arrow:

Strategy View changes

Across the Keywords and Landing Pages tables:

  • Table headers have been shortened for better readability, e.g. 'Top 10 Features' renamed to 'Features', 'Average % Clicks' renamed to '% Clicks'

  • The columns for 'Volume' and 'YoY' metrics have been combined into a single one to save space. You can still explore the breakdown of both metrics for each keyword/landing page by clicking on the data element:

  • The 'All-Time Best Rank' is no longer displayed in the keywords table, and has been replaced by warning icons applied to keywords where the current rank is far from the all-time best rank.

    The warning is displayed in the following conditions:

    • If the current rank is in top 10, and more than 5 positions away from the all-time best rank.

    • If the current rank is in top 11-20, and more than 10 positions away from the all-time best rank.

    • If the current rank is in top 21-99, and more than 30 positions away from the all-time best rank.

  • The 'Trend' subheader has been removed from the Ranking Data column, but the rank trend is still displayed next to the keyword rank (Keywords table), and the Visibility trend is still displayed next to the Visibility score (Landing Pages table).

    You can still sort by the rank trend impact on Visibility by hovering on the 'Rank' header and selecting the 'Trend' sorting option. And for Landing Pages, the same applies by hovering over the 'Visibility' header.

  • In the Keywords table, the Landing Page icon that indicates content changes affecting the rank has been replaced by a blue bubble icon:

  • The labels indicating keyword seasonality related to the peak season have been simplified for faster identification: Keywords are now labeled as 'seasonal' and assigned the corresponding color and tag through icons indicating whether they are "in peak season", "out of peak season", or "peak season is approaching". You'll find these icons next to the Search Volume.

Analysis View changes

You'll see some improvements in the 'Traffic Data' header and column:

  • Now, the header is represented by text and the icon corresponding to the type of traffic selected (either Ecommerce or Goals)

  • The columns for each traffic metric have been separated into Sessions, Transactions/Goals, and Revenue.

Competition View changes

  • The 'SERP Features' column has been removed to allow more space for competition-relevant data.

  • We also removed competitor logos to reduce clutter and bring a cleaner, more consistent view - you can now differentiate each competitor by color.


We appreciate your feedback and we're constantly evaluating it to provide a better experience. If you have feedback about these changes, please send us a message.

If you experience any issues with the new interface, please report them through the platform ("Report a bug").

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