Brand - Non-Brand - All keywords
Due to our brand/non-brand segmentation, you can explore the different types of traffic by selecting the Non-Brand, Brand or All keywords views from the upper right corner:

In the Non-Brand view, you can see the progression of your non-brand organic traffic with the uninterrupted line, and the transformation of your Visibility Score with the dotted line. Note that the traffic graph refers to all of your non-brand traffic, while the visibility graph only refers to the keywords in your portfolio (those you track in SEOmonitor).

In the All keywords view, you can choose to split the brand and non-brand traffic, in order to compare their development over the selected time-frame.

Keywords - Landing pages - Topics
You can see how your organic data is distributed on keywords, landing pages or topics, each with their own set of relevant metrics.

The Landing page and Topics views represent an aggregation of the keywords that send traffic to each landing page or topic, correspondingly. You can explore those keywords by clicking on the small icon next to the number of keywords:

Desktop - Mobile
We crawl daily for your rankings, on both mobile and desktop. You can move between the two views by using the switch in the upper-right corner: 

Here's a short video on the different options in the Organic Traffic module:

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