The SEO performance of your website is given by how well its non-brand keywords rank in Google. But a daily analysis of the rank of each keyword becomes next to impossible when you're monitoring hundreds or even thousands of keywords. 

To tackle this, some SEO tools report the visibility on keyword stacks, grouping your keywords by how many there are in top 3, top 5, etc.

But this is nonsense and misleading. Each keyword has a different search volume and consequently a different impact on your traffic. Therefore, knowing you have 50 keywords in top 3 is irrelevant, because that can mean anything, depending on the search volumes of those keywords.

To give you an accurate picture of your SEO performance, while saving you the trouble of looking at keywords one by one, SEOmonitor introduces a key metric: the Visibility Score. It is an impression share, taking into consideration the ranks of your keywords and their monthly search volumes (see exactly how the Visibility Score is calculated here).

By monitoring daily adjustments in the Visibility Score (of your entire portfolio or of each keyword group), you can be sure to accurately track the changes on all of your keywords. For any selected timeframe, you will be able to see the changes in visibility, for each of your groups.

Furthermore, you can always see a detailed explanation of the Visibility Score change by clicking on it.

The Visibility Score also allows a fair comparison with your competitors, showing how each of them performs in terms of rankings on a list of keywords, in a single metric.

Last, but not least, the Visibility Score helps you correlate your traffic data with the search seasonality and get a thorough understanding of the non-brand organic traffic trends.

Here's a short video explaining the Visibility Score:

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