Due to its proprietary algorithm of revealing the not provided traffic data, SEOmonitor is capable of re-distributing the organic visits back into the keywords that generated them.

The algorithm is accurate, but due to the fact that some landing pages have a traffic that is too thin to be shown in Google Search Console (GSC), some of the data will always remain unallocated. In the Organic Traffic module, using the Keywords view, you can see how much of your traffic could not be allocated:

Besides the reason mentioned above, a high amount of unallocated might sometimes indicate the existence of other GSC profiles, that are not yet connected in SEOmonitor (like https, blog.domain.com, m.domain.com etc.). To be sure that you reduce the unallocated figure to a minimum, you must connect all the GSC profiles suggested by the platform. You can authorize them in the Website Settings section:

If after authorizing all of the suggested GSC profiles you still see an amount of unallocated visits higher than 30% of your total organic traffic (brand and non-brand), please contact the Customer Success department for a closer investigation.

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