In the SEO Campaign module, you can structure your keyword portfolio in groups, smart groups and folders. A well organized portfolio comes with many benefits:

1. You get the ability to see aggregated information at a group level - like the combined search volumes of all the keywords, the fraction of searches done on mobile, the Year-over-Year trend, the organic traffic data and, of course, the desktop and mobile Visibility Scores and their changes in the selected period:

2. There's also the benefit of being able to compare your website with its competitors in each different group:

3. Grouping the keywords also enables you to create a reliable SEO forecast by setting different targets for these groups:


Keyword groups are lists of keywords that you manually define. One way to organize keywords is into groups representing topics or categories of products/services. Another option is to group keywords according to their place in the conversion funnel:

You can use any labeling that you find helpful in organizing your portfolio. A keyword can be simultaneously part of as many groups as you need.

Smart groups

Smart groups function as permanent filters. Due to their dynamic nature, they can be extremely useful in helping you keep track of the changes within your portfolio. 

They can be recognized by the little cogwheel symbol in the top-right corner of the search volume box:

When you create a smart group, you select a set of criteria (combined with AND or with OR):

All the keywords that satisfy the criteria are added to the smart group. From then on, keywords will be automatically added or removed from the smart group as they satisfy or fail to satisfy its set conditions.

You cannot therefore manually add/remove keywords to/from smart groups.


Folders are collections of groups and/or smart groups. You can recognize them by their specific icon:

Groups, folders and smart groups can be organized and edited by using the 'Edit groups' button:

We highly recommend using groups, smart groups and/or folders, so that you can organize your keywords to the level of granularity you consider most suitable and make the most out of the platform.

* For an improved experience, we have limited the 1st level groups to 100. You can still use more groups, but you would need to use the folders and subgroups combination.

Here's a video to guide you through the main available metrics in your SEO Campaign:

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