To get started with notifications, you should go to Settings >> Notifications.

You can customize email notifications and/or integrate SEOmonitor with Slack:

The default frequency is Daily, but you can also have them delivered Weekly:

For the time being, the notifications can only be sent for Visibility Score changes as the Trigger. You should set a minimum threshold in Visibility adjustment, above which you would be notified (0.5% in the example):

You can choose to be alerted by changes in all of your campaigns or only in some of them. For each campaign, you can opt for changes in its entire keyword portfolio or just those of selected groups:

When everything is set up, the email notifications look like this:

The Slack integration has an additional step, as you should first Authorize SEOmonitor to post, by entering your credentials and then selecting the Slack channel where the alerts would show up:

Your Slack notifications will look like this:

As the Visibility Score is the key SEO performance indicator, notifications are an excellent way for you to be regularly updated about its adjustments.

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