SEO specialists often need the flexibility of a spreadsheet when managing the data. The CSV exports are always an option, but SEOmonitor strives to offer that kind of flexibility within the platform, through the filters.

Advanced filters represent a quick and handy way to isolate all the keywords that fulfill one or more criteria.

The filters currently available include:

  • landing page,

  • keyword name,

  • search volume,

  • rank,

  • visits,

  • opportunity,

  • difficulty,

  • conversions and conversion rate,

  • date added,

  • revenue,

  • bounce rate,

  • warnings,

  • labels: brand of others, best rank, misspelled, low relevance, localized, seasonal - in full season, season approaching and out of season.

They can be combined with each other using AND or OR. Once the conditions are set, you can apply the filter right away or make it permanent, through a smart group:

The advanced filters are also available in the Landing pages and the Topics views.

Filters are designed to make your data management as easy and flexible as possible. However, if you still need to handle the data in exported spreadsheets, we are open to any suggestions on how the filtering can be enriched.

Here's a video to guide you through the main available metrics in your SEO Campaign:

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