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Sometimes it might seem that SEOmonitor shows fewer sessions or conversions than Analytics. But this is in fact a difference of perspective: our platform only counts the visits and conversions coming from organic Google searches, while in Analytics you see data regarding all of your traffic. 

To be sure you're comparing apples to apples, some filters have to be applied. In Google Analytics (GA), you should be looking at the property/view connected to SEOmonitor, in Acquisition >> Campaigns >> Organic Keywords, and select the view by Source - Google:

This is the data that should be compared with the data you see in SEOmonitor in the Organic Traffic module, on the All Keywords view.

Make sure to select the exact same timeframe as in GA. The traffic figures should then match perfectly.

As a side note, it should be known that the data from the last 72 hours is sometimes still volatile and thus slightly adjustable (because of the Search Console data and the processing times between them).

Also, please bear in mind that the goals, transactions (or conversions), and revenue that you see in the Organic traffic section are correlated with the Goals you've selected in your Campaign Settings.

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