You can add competitors during the creation of your campaign or at a later time. You don't have to worry about choosing the right competitors from the start because we will track their performance from day 1 anyway. So anytime you will add a new competitor in the Competition Insights module, you will see retroactive data for them from the beginning of your campaign.

The platform automatically suggests the top websites by Visibility, but you can also manually type in their URL:

You can make comparisons at a campaign level (All Keywords) or at a keyword group level. Since different groups may account for different types of products/services, you will be able to select different competitors for each of your groups. And if you have any global competitors, you can mark them with a star and they will be added as competitors over all of your groups:

The graph displays the Visibility Score trend for each competitor:

Scrolling down, you get more details on:

  • the number of keywords each competitor ranks for and the percentage of them that are in common;

  • domain rating (click on it to get a quick backlink overview)

  • desktop vs. mobile Visibility and their trend

  • the estimated monthly visits each of the websites gets for the selected list of keywords, alongside the percentage they represent from the total non-brand organic traffic:

Competitors' keywords can be explored by clicking on each little magnifying glass:

Scrolling further down, you will see up-to-date information about how each competitor ranks for your tracked keywords. When hovering over their ranks, you'll find information about landing page, title and meta-description:

As everywhere else in the platform, any screen in Competition Insights is easily exportable as a .csv or .pdf, from the button near the top of the page.

Here's a short video on the main available options in the Competition Insights module:

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