For each tracked keyword, the platform automatically builds a timeline of events that might have influenced its SEO performance. Following this timeline will help keep track of these events historically, as well as understand their correlation with the rank fluctuations of the keywords.

Here are the types of events already available in the timeline:

1. Landing page switches

Whenever a keyword's landing page changes, the event is registered in the timeline and most of the time it would also be followed by a rank fluctuation (the green circle in the image):

If there are several landing page changes in a relatively short time frame, this might be an indicator of cannibalization problems.

2. Landing page title/description changes

Landing page title or description changes are also displayed on the timeline:

Therefore you can A/B test with various versions of titles and/or descriptions and they will be automatically tracked in the timeline.

3. HTTPS migrations

As https is considered a ranking factor, https migrations are automatically detected and shown in the timeline:

Newly discovered backlinks in the Content Performance module are also marked on the timeline. Along the URL, you will also see the anchor text and the domain rating:

Besides these types of events, others will soon be added, with the next product updates, getting the timeline closer to our goal of identifying all of the events that might influence the rank fluctuations of a keyword.

Here's a short video explaining the keyword timeline:

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