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Missing Title or H1
Missing Title or H1

How our Content Audit tools help you keep or improve your website rankings by highlighting pages that currently don't have a title or an H1.

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This feature is limited to a summary of the opportunities in draft campaigns. Start tracking the campaigns to get detailed insights on each opportunity. Learn more.


Having pages with missing titles or H1s is one of the biggest content optimization errors that can happen. You can ensure that your website does not stay in a problematic state for too long by using a tool that automatically checks the pages and surfaces these issues.

Our Content Audit platform does just that. It automatically crawls all the ranking pages in your campaign, and one of the things it checks is if all pages have titles and H1s, and if they're optimal for the keywords in your campaign.

How it works

With this feature, you get regular reports in the Content Audit Dashboard to make you aware of any issues which, once fixed, would improve the page rankings.

Furthermore, you get the list of keywords sorted by opportunity, so you can craft an optimal new title and h1 for them.

The dedicated section of the dashboard captures all pages that don't have a title and/or main heading, or pages where the current ones don't contain the most valuable keywords that could maximize the ranking opportunity of the page.

You can view the key performance metrics for each landing page based on the keywords it ranks for: the % of clicks ending up on organic results, search volume and YoY trend, and page Visibility. Further reinforced by the Opportunity score, this data helps you understand the priority of each page in terms of the potential Visibility improvements it can bring once you optimize it.

The first column shows the number of ranking keywords for each page in the category. You can view the page details and the keyword-level data in the sidebar, by clicking on the landing page name.

Use case

Let's take an example. The page highlighted below has a missing H1, and there are 3 tracked keywords triggering it. You get a recommendation to choose which of these keywords you want to include in the page H1, in order to maximize the ranking opportunity of this page:

You can review performance data for each keyword: % clicks ending up on organic results, search volume, Year-over-Year search trend, and their ranks. The Opportunity metric takes into account all these key metrics to determine the potential each keyword has in improving the page rank, and this helps you make data-driven decisions on which keywords to include in the page title or main heading.

In this case, the keyword "takeaway bath" has the highest Opportunity score, so you may consider creating an H1 that includes it.

To keep track of the content improvements you make based on these recommendations, you can mark each of them as reviewed.


In a nutshell, with the Content Audit tool, you can quickly understand which pages don't have a title or H1 through automatic website checks.

You also get key performance data at a glance for keywords you added to your strategy, so you can decide on those with the highest opportunity for improving the page rankings.

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