The SEOmonitor Campaign lifecycle

How we designed the platform to suit your specific needs in different campaign stages.

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In this article, you can learn about SEOmonitor's campaign lifecycle designed to support your needs in the different stages of the SEO journey. You can also read about the features included in each campaign stage, to understand which tools to use according to your specific goals.

The structure includes Draft Campaigns for initial analysis and strategy refinement, followed by the transition to Tracked Campaigns for active tracking. Draft Campaigns offer cost-effective flexibility, while Tracked Campaigns provide full access to all modules, with daily data updates.

Working closely with our users, we know that SEO campaigns usually start with a "design phase". That's when you need the freedom, flexibility, and a minimum cost to analyze the keyword data, and then create and adjust your SEO strategy until you get the client's buy-in. For these purposes, you don't need daily tracking from day one. Daily tracking can be costly and inefficient since it requires waiting for all the data to be processed to achieve consistency throughout the entire campaign.

This is why, in SEOmonitor, all new campaigns start off as "draft campaigns" which gives you just the tools you need to design it. And once you're ready to start working on it, you can move it to the next stage at any time, by starting to track keywords daily. This way, "tracked campaigns" get a clean start with data consistency across all your keywords.

Draft Campaigns

The "Build" Plan

Starting June 19, 2023, we changed our pricing policy. Our plans are designed specifically to suit your needs in different stages of your SEO journey and facilitate the adoption of SEOmonitor in your workflow. If you subscribe(d) after this date, your account starts off on the basic plan – "Build", which helps you design the keyword strategy for your campaign and build business cases for any number of clients.

In the "Build" plan, for €99/month, you can create unlimited Draft Campaigns, that are a one-day snapshot of the keyword data pulled in real-time, with access to SEO forecasting, and keyword research.


If you subscribed before this update, you'll also notice these changes on your account.

Pitching Campaigns are now called Draft Campaigns, and Regular Campaigns are now called Tracked Campaigns.

All new campaigns you add to your account now start off as draft campaigns, but at no extra cost.

In draft mode, you have the tools to design the campaign and fine-tune your strategy. When you're ready to begin its execution, you can easily convert it into a tracked campaign, allowing you to receive daily data updates.

Draft Campaign Features

Draft campaigns have access to all the modules but on a limited version, due to the nature of the data they process. For example, keyword data is for the date you added the keywords to the campaign, and traffic data is for 30 days before the campaign was created.

Below you'll find a breakdown of the features included in each of our modules.

The Keywords module

Draft campaigns have a limited version of our Rank Tracker, which offers a one-day snapshot of data on the keywords you add to the campaign. The SERP, search, and ranking data are extracted freshly when the keywords are added, and it can be refreshed on-demand once every 7 days.

Discover all features in the Rank Tracker here.

The SEO Forecast module

With our Forecast, you can set ranking goals and turn your keyword strategies into business cases to get your clients' buy-in on your SEO proposals. You can create multiple forecast scenarios with best-case and worst-case estimations on all of your draft campaigns, with no restrictions or extra cost.


Setting a scenario as a Campaign Objective is available once you start tracking the campaign. Discover all features in the Forecast here.

The SEO Research module

Website Explorer and Keyword Explorer help you discover new relevant keywords by peeking into your competitors' ranking keywords and expanding your research on specific topics. The keyword data you get is always the latest – fresh from the last 30 days; it comes from our carefully curated databases, and is unlimited in searches and exports.

You can add keywords with good opportunities directly to your Keywords list and include them in your forecast.

The Content Audit module

Our Content Audit tools help you surface the opportunities to improve the content of your ranking pages, so you can evaluate the chances to improve their positions once you start working on them.

On your draft campaigns, you can automatically identify a range of optimization opportunities captured from the data derived from the one-day snapshot of the website, such as pages with missing or suboptimal titles or H1, or keywords with missing pages. These can be specific to a keyword group or a scenario.

For each optimization category, you also see the keyword data necessary to estimate their impact, and make quick decisions on where to expend your resources.

The Traffic module

Our Organic Traffic module helps you analyze your website's organic traffic by pulling data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts you connect. It provides insights into various metrics such as sessions, conversions, revenue, bounces, clicks, CTRs, and average positions. The module matches organic traffic and keyword data using landing pages as common denominators to distribute the traffic data back into keywords.

On draft campaigns, the Traffic module is based on a snapshot of your organic traffic over the past 30 days since the campaign was created. Once you start tracking the campaign, the system will process the previous 12 months of traffic data and continue updating it on a daily basis, at a cost of €9.99/month per campaign.


The Traffic module requires integration with both Google Analytics and Google Search Console to provide complete insights.

Discover all features in the Traffic module here.

Note: If you are on a free trial, campaigns once created cannot be deleted or archived. You can convert your campaigns to Tracked campaigns to experience our full features just like how you would with a paid account, for 14 days. However, you can archive campaigns only when you're on a paid subscription. If you were planning to replace the draft campaigns with new ones while on trial, consider subscribing to our Build plan, so you can create an unlimited number of draft campaigns.

Tracked Campaigns

You can convert a Draft campaign into a Tracked campaign at any time once it's been processed. This is a self-service action, which you can perform from the platform through the "Start Tracking" buttons you can find in each module.

The "Track & Deliver" Add-ons

When you decide to pursue a campaign and start tracking keywords daily, you can upgrade from Draft to Tracked. To do this:

  • click "Start Tracking" in the yellow bar at the bottom of each module, or

  • go to Campaign Settings, locate the campaign in the Draft Campaigns View, and click on "Start Tracking":

Once a campaign is moved to "Tracked", you get access to all the necessary tools to drive it to success. You start getting daily keyword and traffic data, and this unlocks various features, such as setting a Campaign Objective or saving unlimited keywords in the Keyword Vault for monthly tracking, at no extra cost.

Note: You have full control over the resources you use every month. For example, if you no longer want to track certain keywords daily, you can remove them from the campaign by archiving them, which moves them to a separate list in the Keyword Vault – with this, they will no longer be charged on your next billing cycle. You can also archive a tracked campaign altogether, or disable the traffic processing for a campaign which removes the service charge for that specific campaign on your next billing cycle.

Tracked Campaign Features

Tracked campaigns have access to all the modules in their full version.

Below you'll find a breakdown of the main features included in each of our modules.

Data updated daily in the Rank Tracker

Once you start tracking campaigns, you get daily updates on mobile and desktop SERP, search, and ranking data paid per 1000 keywords monthly.

Daily tracking unlocks key features that assist you in monitoring your campaigns, such as the Year-over-Year search trends, Visibility trends on both devices, traffic performance data on keywords next to ranks for cross-analyses, or smart groups automatically updated based on constantly changing keyword attributes.

Historical organic traffic data & analyses

You can connect your GSC & GA profiles to your campaigns at any stage, either as a draft or after starting to track it.

Once the profiles are connected and the campaign is tracked, you get daily traffic data, which is accessible through the Traffic module.

On tracked campaigns, you can analyze your historical non-brand organic traffic alongside your rankings, at an extra €9.99 per connected campaign monthly.

Free monthly keyword data in the Keyword Vault

The Keyword Vault is part of our SEO Research tools and is available only on tracked campaigns.

It provides access to monthly keyword data, allowing you to pick the best keywords to improve your keyword strategy, without any additional cost.

It offers access to the current SERP, search, and desktop ranking data for unlimited keywords, along with continuous monthly updates. This enables you to monitor keyword performance long-term while being cost-efficient.

Learn more about our Keyword Vault here.

Real-time content tracking

Content auditing is crucial for managing the entire campaign lifecycle within the SEOmonitor platform.

Content Audit closes the loop with actionable insights on what you can do to improve the rankings on your tracked keywords and ultimately drive growth for your clients' business. Once you start tracking campaigns, the Content Audit platform helps you track the content changes that impact your rankings in real-time.

Reporting Integrations and the API

On Tracked campaigns, you get unlimited access to your data using CSV exports, Google Sheets, our API, and Looker Studio connectors, at no extra cost.

Learn more about our reporting features here.

Portfolio and campaign management in the Agency Dashboard

The Agency Dashboard for tracked campaigns helps you assess your portfolio's overall performance, identify areas that require attention, and prioritize your work more effectively.

It provides a centralized view of your campaigns and offers five key performance metrics:

  • Overall Visibility and Trend: The Visibility overview for your entire portfolio, allowing you to switch between devices and change timeframes to display different data.

  • Client Health: This metric classifies campaigns as healthy, average, or poor, helping you monitor clients' potential satisfaction with the SEO campaign. You can view the health status for your entire portfolio and on individual campaigns.

  • Objectives: This metric tracks the progress of your campaign objectives, comparing the actual state of your campaign to the estimated performance set in the Forecast module. You can view the status of your campaign's objectives in the sidebar and for each campaign in the central section.

  • Reports: This feature allows you to manage the client reporting process, upload reports, track progress, and collect engagement data and client feedback. You can view the status of each campaign's reports and access detailed information on submitted reports, client feedback, number of views, and open rates.

  • Insights: Powered by our Signals app, the Insights column helps you identify critical insights for your campaign and share them with your clients and team. You can filter insights according to your focus.

Learn more about the Agency Dashboard here.

Other features

SEOmonitor campaigns have access to additional features that support your campaign development, at no extra cost.

Here are the main ones:

  • Unlimited users: You can add all your teammates as users with different roles in your campaign, and even add your clients as guests with view-only access. This feature is available for both draft and tracked campaigns.

  • Visibility alerts: Notifications that help you stay updated on changes in your website's Visibility within your campaigns. You can choose the keyword groups to focus on, the Visibility threshold, the frequency of alerts, and the delivery method (email or webhooks). Available on tracked campaigns only.

  • Email performance reports: Automatic reports sent via email weekly and/or monthly with highlights on the campaign performance in terms of Visibility changes, correlations with keyword & group-level ranks, non-brand organic traffic performance, competition performance, and objective status tracking. Available on tracked campaigns only.

  • Top campaign insights at a glance: An integration with the Signals app provides a Twitter-like stream of insights ordered by their importance as in potential impact on organic traffic performance.


Our campaign structure offers a tailored approach to meet your diverse needs at different stages in your projects.

The introduction of Draft Campaigns provides cost-effective flexibility, allowing you to analyze keyword data, refine strategies, pitch them to your client and gain their buy-in before committing to delivering and transitioning to the Tracked Campaign stage.

Tracked Campaigns offer all the tools and functionalities to track and analyze your campaigns in detail, with access to real-time data updates, historical organic traffic data, advanced keyword research and SEO goal tracking, content auditing tools, reporting integrations, and more.

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