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Your campaigns' performance insights over email and Signals
Your campaigns' performance insights over email and Signals

Explore all the proactive ways to have insights on what's happening on your campaigns delivered to you.

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Keeping a bird's eye view of how your campaigns are performing regularly is fundamental to the campaign's continued success, and there are multiple ways to do it on SEOmonitor. You can choose to configure campaign-specific email reports, delivering performance insights directly to your inbox rather than requiring a visit to the app. If you do visit the app, you can see cards that visually capture key insights and events for your quick review on Signals. In addition, you can also set up Visibility Alerts on your campaigns, so that you always know when their Visibility changes past a certain threshold.

Email Performance Reports

You can set up monthly or weekly performance reports for all your important campaigns. The report shows you the overall change in Visibility on both devices and the main keywords and groups that contributed to this change. This way, you get a quick view of which keywords are performing well, and which ones need your attention. It also shows the trend of your organic traffic, in terms of visits/sessions, conversions, and revenue generated.

The Competition insights included in the report give you an overview of how your key competitors have gained or lost Visibility over the selected period.

You can set up these reports by clicking on the top-right dropdown with your username, and selecting Performance Reports. In this view, you can see the frequency of the reports that have been set up. The bell icon shows you whether you have subscribed to the reports. By clicking on the Settings button, you can set up or edit reports for each campaign. You can also see a report log with a history of when they were sent, to whom, and how many times they were opened. Once you set up a report and you subscribe to it, you will receive periodic reports over email.

Guests added to your campaigns can also see the performance reports, but cannot change the report settings.

Note: Reports can be scheduled by any teammate. You will need to subscribe to email alerts of the reports that you want to see, to receive them periodically. Currently, performance reports can only be sent to an email endpoint.

Visibility Alerts

With our Visibility Alerts, significant changes in your campaign's performance will be brought to your notice, and this helps you prioritize and manage them in time. Visibility alerts tell you when your campaign's Visibility increases or decreases past a certain threshold.

Note: Visibility is a group-level metric composed of both search volume and ranks, so it reflects changes in both these metrics. Alerts are currently limited to Visibility and can be set up only at a campaign level (not keyword group level).

Click on the top-right dropdown with your username and select Visibility Alerts to set them up. Click on '+ Alert' on the top right of this view, and then on the sidebar, select whether you'd like to set up alerts for one campaign or multiple. Slide the Trigger scale to set the threshold beyond which the deviations should be alerted. Define the Analyzed period: over how much time should the specified deviation be alerted. Then, select the channels where you want to receive the alerts. For example, you can set up to trigger an alert for the Asos campaign when the Visibility Trend deviates by +/- 2.5% over the past 30 days, via Email and the Signals App.

Note: You can use the Webhook endpoint to connect to any other app that supports incoming webhooks. You can also use a Zap (by Zapier) to add our Visibility Alerts as a trigger to invoke an action of sending it to any other app of preference (refer to the Use webhooks in any app section of this article).


Signals are everyday key insights that highlight major changes or developments such as sudden increases or drops in ranks or Visibility, outranking competitors, sharp changes in Year-over-year trends, Google updates, etc. They are visual and bite-sized, helping you get the pulse of the market, the competitors and the stability of your campaigns.

You can see Signals on the header, on the top-right anytime. Clicking on it will open a sidebar of all the previously generated Signals. You can Save these Signals, Comment on them, or Share them with your team. Toggling the switch at the top-right of the Signals sidebar to On, shows you only the saved Signals.

Signal cards can show insights about:

  • Victories: Improvements in Visibility Trend and SERP Feature Visibility, Rank improvements and best rank achievements, keywords that entered top ranks, SERP Features earned, etc.

  • Losses: Drops in Visibility Trend

  • Competition: Competitors you outranked, and their Visibility increase

  • Opportunities: Untracked keywords that are generating clicks

  • Market: Year-over-year trend changes, Google updates, etc.

  • Issues: Cannibalization issues, Keywords without pages, etc.

You can filter by the Signal type to see only what you need.

To summarize, SEOmonitor offers multiple ways to proactively keep on top of your campaigns' performance, through periodic email performance reports, event-based (triggered) Visibility Alerts, and everyday visual insights in the form of Signals.

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