You can set a forecast scenario as the SEO objective of a campaign and track the actual performance against the estimated one on a daily basis. This helps you quickly identify and act on those campaigns which may fall behind, and report on their performance to your clients.

Choose which scenario you will start tracking as agreed with your client by clicking "Set as an objective":

Read more on setting up multiple scenarios in this article.

Once an objective is set, you'll be able to view the Objective status updated daily based on the campaign progression toward the SEO goal.

Objective tracking

The status is calculated as the actual non-brand sessions divided by the forecasted ones for the selected timeframe: either the last 30 days or from the start date until the present date.

When an objective is initially set, it will have an 'On Track' status at 100%.

  • The status will stay 'On Track' if the calculated value is equal to/more than 100%.

  • If the value is between 50-99%, it changes to 'Behind'.

  • If it's below 50%, it will be 'At Risk'.

Because the last 30 days usually fall across two months, when computing the Objective status for the past 30 days, we take into account the corresponding fraction to what was estimated for the previous month and the fraction for the current month:

[(daysRemaining(previousMonth)/30 * estimatedTraffic(previousMonth)) + (daysPassed(currentMonth)/30 * estimatedTraffic (currentMonth)]

Once you start tracking performance against an objective, in the "Monthly Forecast" section you'll see the estimated improved traffic versus the actual traffic updated every month, so you can check when any discrepancies may have occurred and the main force(s) that impacted performance.

In the "Detailed" view, you can analyze the actual traffic and the estimated one at a keyword level. Keywords that are far from reaching the set target or keywords that you stopped tracking are marked with a warning, so you can easily identify the ones that need your attention.

As you would expect, you cannot change the SEO goal of a scenario once you set it as an objective. If you want to make changes, you can create another scenario and set that one as an objective, but this will delete all the progress data on the current one.

One adjustment you can make on a set objective is the monthly budget.

Changing this value will update the campaign MRR value in the Agency Dashboard as well, so you can prioritize the campaigns in your portfolio based on revenue.

The full benefits of Forecast

By tracking your campaign objective, you can make the most out of forecasting, through a deep integration between our products.

In the Agency Dashboard, you get an overview on your campaigns' performance in the Objective overview, and you can sort or filter the campaign list by objective status.

The objective status is included in the calculation of campaign health, and this helps you easily monitor your clients' satisfaction.

Read more about tracking objectives in the Agency Dashboard here.

Once you set an objective for a campaign, you can also compare estimated forecasted traffic with actual traffic in the Organic Traffic tool. This allows you to run a detailed analysis of your performance against the traffic objective set with your client over a specific timeframe.

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