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Forecast vs. Actual traffic
Forecast vs. Actual traffic

Compare your actual non-branded organic traffic with your forecasted traffic

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Some of the features described in this article might be available only for Tracked Campaigns. Learn more.

Once you set an objective in the Forecast module, check if you are on track by comparing your actual non-branded traffic to the estimated one:

  • As the Objective Status in your Agency Dashboard.

  • As the Objective Status in the Forecast.

  • As a graph in the Organic Traffic.

In this article, we focus on how you can do this from the Organic Traffic module. Let's take a look at the chart:

To compare your actual non-branded traffic to the estimated one:

1. Head to the "Non-Brand" tab in the submenu. Remember that you can only compare actual to forecasted traffic in the Non-Brand tab because the forecast objective only takes non-brand organic traffic into consideration.

2. Select the Traffic metric using the first dropdown at the top of the chart:

  • Sessions

  • Conversions (or Transactions)

  • Conversion rate

  • Revenue

3. Select the Forecast metric using the second dropdown:

  • Sessions

  • Conversions (or Transactions)

  • Revenue

You can change the data granularity and the timeframe selection from the right side of the submenu.

Note that in the daily granularity the forecasted sessions appear in the chart as a flat line. That happens because the forecast is calculated by month and then divided by the number of days in the month to get the estimate by day.

How does it work?

We integrated the Forecast and the Organic Traffic modules to keep track of whether you are meeting your traffic objective in a specific period.

Use case

You use the SEO Forecast to propose an SEO campaign for your client's e-commerce.

To report progress and see if you're on track, you'll need to know how the actual non-brand traffic is going, next to the traffic objective you set with your client. Use the chart in the Organic Traffic to visualize this comparison.

In this example, see how your actual revenue exceeded the forecasted one, for the previous 30 days:

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