Understand whether your non-brand organic traffic is affected by rank trends (Visibility) or by a market trend that has nothing to do with your performance. Quickly run this analysis in the Organic Traffic chart:

In this example, we selected "Jan 01- Apr 30" as the timeframe and set a monthly granularity to see all three graphs on the same chart.

Note: The feature is only activated when you select more than two full months of non-brand traffic.

By looking at the chart, see how the changes in Visibility and search trends affect the organic traffic metrics and understand which might have caused the trend.

Remember that you can compare any traffic metric:

  • Sessions

  • Conversions or Transactions

  • Conversion rate

  • Revenue

The chart plots the organic traffic along with the average Visibility trend of all tracked keywords, and the corresponding monthly search trends on all tracked keywords ranking in the top 10.

Use case

Let's say you see a constant drop in organic traffic over the past months. You need to understand if it's because of seasonality, shifting search trends, or the website's SEO performance. So, in the Organic Traffic, display a chart that plots the monthly sessions, the average Visibility of the tracked keywords, and the corresponding monthly search trends.

To see all three graphs on one chart:

1) Select the "Non-Brand" tab from the Organic Traffic's submenu.

2) Select a timeframe from the dropdown. Remember that the search trend will be displayed only when you select a timeframe of a minimum of 2 whole months.

3) Select "Monthly" in the Granularity dropdown.

In this example, check how the Visibility trend remains constant across the timeframe and the sessions follow the search trend. This means your SEO performance does not impact the organic traffic. In turn, the organic traffic was influenced by search trends.

Note: You can switch the metrics using the chart's dropdowns.

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