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Objective Status Tracking
Objective Status Tracking
Understand if your campaigns are on track with their non-brand organic traffic objectives
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The Objective Status metric helps you track your campaign's current performance against the planned targeted outcome to get an overview of how your campaigns are performing.

Check the objective status for the entire portfolio in the overview sidebar and the status for each client campaign in the Objective column:

Open the explainer to see the actual and the forecasted traffic for the past 30 days for every campaign with a set objective.

How does it work?

The Objective Status is a campaign-level metric that compares the actual non-brand organic traffic for the last 30 days with the estimated one in the same timeframe. The estimated traffic is based on the SEO forecast scenario you set as an objective.

After you set the objective, we'll measure your campaign's performance against it and display the objective status in the Agency Dashboard. It's measured by dividing the actual non-brand organic traffic by the forecasted traffic in the last 30 days.

Objective status

We mark campaigns with different statuses so you can quickly know if they are on track or behind on their goals:

  • On track: The campaign is overperforming. The objective status is equal to or higher than 100%,

  • Behind: The campaign performance is underperforming but above 50%.

  • At risk: The campaign is at risk of not reaching the forecasted objective, as it is below 50%.

  • Campaigns that don't have an objective set will show a '+' icon at the campaign level. This takes you to the Forecast, where you can set an objective.

Use case

Let's say your campaign has an objective status of 62%. It is marked in yellow because the performance is behind the set objective. You can see the actual and the forecasted traffic from the Agency Dashboard. Then, you can go to the Forecast to create different scenarios.

Quickly intervene when an objective falls behind. Talk to the client, show different scenarios, and maybe set a new objective.

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