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We simplified pricing so that you can choose the features you need, pay for only what you use, and control how much you spend.

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Starting in mid-2023, we have taken a more user-centric approach to our pricing plans. The features you get in each are designed specifically to suit your needs in different stages of your SEO journey and the adoption of SEOmonitor in your workflow.

The pricing plans

Our basic plan ("Build") helps you design your keyword strategy for your campaign and build business cases for any number of clients.

When you decide to pursue the campaign, you can use our "Track & Deliver" Add-ons to get daily data for your tracked keywords, turn your forecasts into objectives, track your progress on them over time, and much more, to drive your campaigns to success.

The Build plan

You can build unlimited draft campaigns (of up to 10,000 keywords each) with the Build plan using the following tools:

  • A one-day snapshot of the Rank Tracker: the SERP, search, and ranking data extracted freshly at the time when the keywords are added, which can be refreshed on-demand once every 7 days.

  • SEO Research: Website Explorer and Keyword Explorer help you discover new relevant keywords by peeking into your competitors' ranking keywords and expanding your research on specific topics.

  • SEO Forecast: Set ranking goals and turn your keyword strategies into business cases to get your clients' buy-in on your SEO proposals.

  • Content Audit: Content optimization opportunities that can directly impact your rankings, based on the one-day snapshot of the ranking data.

The Build plan which includes the one-day snapshot of the Rank Tracker, SEO Research, and Forecast, is priced at €99 monthly. When you connect your GSC & GA accounts to your draft campaigns, we process your past 30 days of organic traffic data that enhances the forecast projections with the current non-brand organic traffic, bringing more context to the impact of the business case, at no extra cost.

The Track & Deliver Add-ons

When you decide to pursue the campaign, this add-on gives you all the necessary tools to drive your campaign to success. The add-ons include:

  • Rank Tracker: daily updates for mobile and desktop SERP, search and ranking data for your tracked keywords.

  • Organic Traffic: connect GSC & GA to your campaigns to get daily traffic data, analyze your non-brand organic traffic alongside your rankings, and focus on what SEO can truly influence, at an extra €9.99 per campaign monthly.

  • Keyword Vault: save unlimited keywords in Keyword Research lists and get monthly data on them, at no extra cost.

  • Content Audit: track the content changes that impact your rankings and quickly & easily find content optimization opportunities.

  • Integrations and API: unlimited access to your data using CSV exports, Google Sheets, and our API, and imports to Looker Studio, at no extra cost.

  • Agency Dashboard: track the health of your campaigns, manage the reporting process with your clients, and get their feedback.

Enabling daily tracking for your draft campaigns opts you in for the add-on and is priced at €39 per 1000 keywords monthly. The GSC-connected tracked campaigns come at an extra €9.99 per campaign. This cost is added to your invoice for the upcoming cycle.

You can add unlimited users at no extra cost, starting with the "Build" plan and any option on top.

Annual payments

You can also pay upfront for at least one year, for a 17% yearly discount. The basic Build plan (€99) and the Track add-on (number of tracked keywords and GSC-connected campaigns) will be counted as your current usage at the beginning of the cycle. If you pay for ten months of your current usage in advance, you get two months free, which works out as a 17% discount from the total annual cost.

You'll receive credits in your account as soon as you pay, and the monthly invoice is deducted from those credits.

If your credits don't cover two billing cycles (months), we send you a NET30 (for wire transfer) or a NET7 (for card payments) invoice, depending on your payment method. If you don't use up the credits in a year, you can still continue to use them for subsequent bills.

Dynamic pricing

You only pay for what you use. You start your subscription by paying in advance for your first billing cycle. For this, we consider the usage at the end of the trial to bill you. We will add these resources to your next invoice if you use more than what you paid for. So, you pay for the extra resources you used for this cycle, together with your advanced payment for the next cycle, and so on. The component for the extra resources you use in the current cycle is shown as "Unpaid Extra Resources" in the Billing section. With this, you can see how much extra resources you're using at any point in time, and adjust your usage (for the following months) as per your budget.


I subscribed before April 2024. What is different for me?

  • You might see a reduced price per 1000 keywords.

I subscribed between October 2022 and June 19th, 2023. What is different for me?

  • The Billing section of the app will reflect the new pricing plans ("Build" and "Track & Deliver"), but you won't be charged for the Build subscription, and you'll see it with €0 cost.

  • Your account still requires a minimum of 5000 tracked keywords, which means you continue to pay €149.5 for daily tracking up to 5000 keywords, and if you add more keywords, you pay per 1000 keywords.

Do you have a free trial?

If you'd like to try SEOmonitor to see what it offers, just fill in this form and we take it from there.

I have experienced the free trial and want to subscribe to SEOmonitor. How do I start?

That's great! You can subscribe to the "Build" plan at €99 monthly. Enter your credit card details to pay in advance for the billing cycle (one month), and you're all set! Start by creating a draft campaign, after which you can then choose the "Track & Deliver" add-ons.

I have a draft campaign on the Build plan for which I generated forecasts. I want to start tracking it. How do I proceed?

Tracking the campaign will give you daily updates on the ranking data for desktop and mobile, for all the keywords in the campaign. All campaigns are created as draft campaigns. When you decide to start tracking a draft campaign, simply click on the Play button under Actions in the dashboard, and this will opt you in for the Add-on. If you already have GSC/GA4 connected to your draft campaign, tracking it will incur an extra €9.99.

Is there a minimum number of campaigns or keywords I must subscribe for on the "Track & Deliver" add-ons?

If you subscribed to the "Build" plan or "Track & Deliver" add-ons after April 2024, we charge you €39 per 1000 keywords. For instance, if you add 660 keywords, you pay €39, and if you add 1800, you pay €78. So, even though you track less than 1000 keywords, you pay for a minimum of 1000 keywords.

If you subscribed before June 19, 2023, your account is grandfathered, and there's a minimum of 5000 keywords tracked daily for €149.5.

My trial has expired, but I want to subscribe to a different number of keywords and campaigns than the trial. How do I proceed?

You might have both draft and tracked campaigns in Trial, and when Trial expires, these will be paused. When you subscribe, you can revive these campaigns by paying your first invoice for the resources you had when the Trial ended. If you want to use more resources, go ahead, and we will add them to your next invoice as your extra usage. Currently, you cannot start your subscription after the Trial with fewer resources than the Trial.

Are tracked keywords counted per campaign or per account?

We count them for the entire account, not per campaign. You pay €39 per month for every 1000 daily tracked keywords, counted as the total tracked keywords across all your campaigns.

What plans do you offer?

The "Build" plan is the basic plan. When you start tracking, you pay for every 1000 keywords and every GSC-connected campaign ("Track & Deliver" add-ons).

On the first day of each billing cycle, you pay in advance for what you will use during that cycle, and if you use more, the extra resources will be included in your next invoice.

What is the billing cycle?

The billing cycle starts from a date this month until the same date next month. For example, if you started your paid subscription on the 21st of the month, that will be the first day of your billing cycle. Your bill will be issued on the 21st of every month from then on.

How are my campaigns charged?

You can create unlimited draft campaigns on the "Build" plan. If you have the "Track & Deliver" Add-ons, we charge you for every 1000 keywords that you track daily. Add GSC & GA connections to your campaigns (optional) to make use of all our integrated features at €9.99 per campaign.

Is connecting GSC & GA mandatory?

No, if you have campaigns without GSC & GA connected, you will only be charged for every 1000 daily tracked keywords (with the "Track & Deliver" Add-on). But we recommend connecting your GSC account to your campaigns so that you can gain access to Organic Traffic and all our integrated features and take full advantage of our platform. We don't charge you for GSC-connected draft campaigns – with this, you get 30-day organic traffic data that enhances the forecast projections with the current non-brand organic traffic, bringing more context to the impact of the business case

What can I do if I connected the GSC account on a draft campaign, and I want to track it daily, but I don't want to process traffic data?
You can keep your GSC account connected to the campaign, but stop the traffic from being processed. Before you start tracking the campaign, go to Campaign Settings, locate the campaign, and click "Disable Traffic Processing":

How is the amount of my invoice calculated?

Your invoice is issued on the first day of every billing cycle. It comprises the cost of any extra resources (keywords and GSC-connected campaigns) you used for the previous cycle and the current cycle's usage cost.

What if I want to use fewer campaigns or keywords than what I paid for?

If you use less than what you paid for, we will set this lower usage automatically as your usage for the next cycle.

What payment methods can I use?

If you choose to pay monthly, you can pay by credit card or PayPal. If you choose to pay annually instead, you can pay by card, and also by bank transfer for amounts over €3000.

Can I put a limit on how much I use per month?

Yes, you can set a limit for your campaign and keyword usage so that you don't use too much unintentionally. When you try to create campaigns or track keywords beyond your set limit, the system will notify you of this. Any team member on the account can set up, modify, or delete monthly limits. However, setting this is optional. You can expand your resources as you need, even without setting the limits, and our dynamic pricing will adjust to that.

Can I forward my invoices to other stakeholders?

Yes, you can. Adding a Secondary Billing Contact on your Billing page will automatically send the invoice to one other contact, such as your Finance team. However, if you would like to forward it to more people, please write to our Customer Success team.

I have multiple locations for a GSC-connected campaign. Will I be charged for each?

No, you can have multiple tracked locations for your campaign, and these will still be considered as one campaign, so we will bill you only for one.

I have keywords in more than one group and/or more than one campaign. Will I be charged for them separately?

You will be charged only once for each keyword that is part of different groups in the same campaign. However, if you have the same keyword in different campaigns or locations, you will be charged for it separately as they have different data.

FAQs on Annual payments

What if my credit doesn't cover the bill?

You can always see under your Billing section whether your credits cover your bill for the next cycle. After we issue the last invoice for the month fully covered by your credits (based on your current usage), we will issue a NET30 invoice, which you will need to pay within 30 days. This will be added to your credits, and you can continue with your usage.

What if I have credits remaining after I pay for the last month?

If you have just paid for last month's usage in your annual cycle and you still have credits left, they can be used to pay your next bill.

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