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Desktop & mobile ranks every 24H with a 99.9% SLA
Desktop & mobile ranks every 24H with a 99.9% SLA

Our commitment to providing fresh daily ranks on both devices as standard

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One thing that differentiates SEOmonitor's Rank Tracker is that it reliably provides daily ranks for both desktop and mobile as standard. So you don't have to decide on data granularity – you just get the best one. This enables you to know what's going on with your campaigns every day and which ones need your attention. Moreover, this granularity helps correlate your actions and external events with rank fluctuations.

How does this work?

To start with, our Service Level Agreement (SLA) measures our promise that you get fresh ranks by 8 AM on each campaign location (timezone).

Our systems request fresh SERPs for the tracked keywords, on both mobile and desktop. This happens every 24h, starting at 00:00 AM at each location.

The SERPs are pulled with the following configuration:

  • incognito browser window,

  • the desired location,

  • the device (desktop or mobile),

  • 100 results per page.

You get ranks for both devices included as standard, below or at the price at which other rank trackers provide one rank on one device.

The current day’s data becomes available only after all of the keywords have been updated with fresh ranks, so as not to deliver partially processed campaign- and group-level metrics. But no later than 8 AM. When we need to run maintenance or if there is an outage, you will be updated on these through our Status Page.

All of the SERP data is processed and the landing pages and ranks are stored in our databases, for further exploring through the interfaces and further use in our other features and products. The most recent daily HTML SERP files available can be downloaded through the platform.

If Google changes the SERP structure, our systems automatically detect and adapt their algorithms whenever possible. Otherwise, alerts and our on-call technical teams ensure that these updates are handled in the shortest time possible. You can read more on the systems we have in place, to ensure redundancy and the accuracy of the data, in order to achieve the committed SLA.

And we've built a Chrome extension called Rank Discrepancy Checker that lets you see side-by-side the actual SERP from your browser, with the SERP pulled by our systems.

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