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Real-time processing of new keywords
Real-time processing of new keywords

Quickly get fresh keyword data on the new keywords you've researched and started tracking

Updated over a week ago

SEOmonitor's Rank Tracker provides fresh ranking and search volume data, right after new keywords are added to a campaign.

The newly added keywords of a draft campaign are enriched with a fresh one-day snapshot of search volume and ranking data (not older than 30 days), and those of tracked campaigns are enriched with the previous day's data.

Note: If you have historical data obtained from another tool for newly added keywords, it is possible to import it into SEOmonitor. Please write to our Customer Success team with this request. Once they are imported, you'll be able to view and compare their past performance on SEOmonitor.

How does this work?

When you add new keywords in a campaign, these are sent to our processing queues, to be enriched with:

  • SERP & ranking data

    • Our crawling system, with dedicated resources for new keywords, is processing the requests.

    • This usually takes a few minutes, but depending on the load on the system (how many keywords are being processed at that same time), it can take up to a few hours.

  • Search volume data from Google Ads is pulled in real-time.

  • Non-brand organic traffic (if Analytics is connected).

The background process and its progress are immediately shown in the footer of the Rank Tracker, if in the corresponding campaign.

When the process is completed, you get an in-app notification for confirmation, with a recommendation to refresh the page to view the updated group-level data.

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