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Top 100 results per keyword and their performance
Top 100 results per keyword and their performance

Quickly analyze the top-ranking pages for a keyword

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In SEOmonitor’s Rank Tracker, each keyword gets its own list of 100 ranking pages, for both devices, enriched with data on the rank trends for the selected timeframe, including other ranking keywords for that page.

How does this work?

Daily, when we crawl for ranks, we save all 100 results – the ranking landing pages, for both desktop and mobile. This also provides the rank trends for the selected timeframe.

On each keyword sidebar (no matter where you access it from), in the Competition tab, you can see the competing landing pages.

Clicking on the Ranking Keywords value in the table (in the above example, 334 for the first landing page) provides the other ranking keywords as well, for these Landing Pages:

Not only does this help with your keyword discovery process, but it acts as an authority metric on those pages – what we call Topical Authority and is included in our Keyword Difficulty metric.

This is also the data that enables you to have all competitors always tracked in SEOmonitor.


Find the best-performing pages on a keyword, to investigate the ways in which they are better than yours: content, speed, backlinks, and so on. For example, seeing a domain jump 40+ ranks after posting an article.

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