Desired landing page tracking

Quickly identify when your website is not ranking on a keyword with the landing page that you intended it to.

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For each of your tracked keywords, you can quickly understand whether they’re currently ranking with the desired landing page or with another one.

How does this work?

Whenever we get the daily ranks, we also get the ranking landing page. To make sure you know if you’re ranking with the correct one, you can set up a desired landing page in the Rank Tracker, for each of your tracked keywords.

In the Keyword sidebar, through any of the views in the Rank Tracker, you have the Landing Page Data section, where you can set the Desired URL:

When there is no desired landing page, or when the ranking page matches with the desired landing page, there are no issues flagged. However, a ranking page that doesn’t match the desired landing page is highlighted as a detected page issue, which is indicated using the warning icon.

Clicking on the icon shows you the issue in greater detail. This helps you quickly take action toward optimizing your desired page to rank.


  • There could be several relevant landing pages to rank on a keyword. As an SEO specialist, you would have to choose the best one and focus on improving it, to remove the chances of landing page cannibalization.

  • SEOmonitor lets you set the desired landing page and highlights the keywords where the website doesn't rank with it yet, so you can continue to work on it.

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