SERP features in SEOmonitor are keyword attributes to help you understand and discover the new opportunities they open and the organic opportunities they inhibit — when you need to do so at scale.

To make this data easy to use, we also compute the SERP feature impact on the searches that end up clicking on organic results (more on this in an upcoming article).

How does this work?

We're updating the SERP features when we update the ranks: daily, for both devices, with SERP-feature-specific details, like which website is listed and how many ads or images are present.

SERP features currently detected

(Top) Ads ・ Apps Pack ・ Definitions ・ Directions ・ Featured Snippet ・ Flights ・ Hotel Pack ・ Images Pack ・ Job Listings ・ Knowledge Graph ・ Local Pack (Maps) ・ Product Listings (PLA) ・ (Related) Questions ・ Recipes ・ Top Stories (News)
Ads ・ Apps ・ Definitions ・ Directions ・ Featured Snippet ・ Flights ・ Hotels ・ Images ・ Jobs ・ Knowledge Graph ・ Local Pack (Maps) ・ Product Listing Ads (PLA) ・ Questions ・ Recipes ・ Top Stories (News) 

Specific details on the detected features

The Knowledge Graph feature presence also includes the Role, e.g. for "Shakespeare" - English playwright, for "London" - Capital of England.

Some SERP features have website listings (including own presence and count):

  • Ads

  • Featured Snippet - which also includes the URL

  • Hotels*

  • Images

  • Local Pack (Maps)*

  • Product Listings (PLA)

  • (Related) Questions

  • Recipes*

  • Top Stories (News)

For Hotels, Maps and Recipes, which don't have the URLs in the feature, we have to use an algorithm to figure out your website's presence, starting from the homepage title and the titles found in the feature.

In the example below, we see an overlap (signalling website presence) between:

  • the first result in the pack:

  • and the title on its homepage:

SERP feature count on a list of keywords

All tracked keywords get updated SERP features, but you also need to analyze the daily SERP feature presence and spot the potentially-missed listing opportunities, at scale.

For the SERP features where we detect if the monitored URL is present in the listings, we also show the count (device-relative): keywords that currently (today) have specific SERP features present and, additionally, in how many of them is your website listed.

Video overview of the SERP feature detection and presence count:


Are you planning on including more SERP features?

Yes. Help us better prioritize, by letting our Customer Service team know what you'd need to see next.

How can I see if our site is listed in the present SERP feature?

If you're listed in the feature, the icon is blue instead of grey.

If there's daily tracking, how can I see the history?

At a keyword level, you can explore the SERP history graph in the Rank Tracker - Keyword Sidebar.

At a group level, you have the SERP Feature Visibility metric (Local Pack, Featured Snippet, Top Stories); more details on this in an upcoming article.

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