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Download SERP HTML

Cross-reference the processed SERP & ranking data with the actual SERP extracted by our crawlers.

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Some of the features described in this article might be available only for Tracked Campaigns. Learn more.

SEOmonitor's Rank Tracker gives you the option to download a saved copy of the last available SERP, for each device.

When you click on a keyword, the Keyword Details sidebar appears. Under the Performance tab, you can see the keyword's ranking trend over desktop and mobile under Keyword Performance. Use the download icon for each device to get the most recent HTML of the SERP Features for that keyword.

Note: Currently, we only store the last available HTML page and make it available for download, so the timeframe you set on the Rank Tracker does not affect the downloaded SERP.

How does this work?

We store the HTML page that was the basis for the rank extraction on the corresponding day, and provide it at the click of a button (either on the ranks or in the keyword sidebar).

We have also built a Chrome Extension that complements this feature: the SERP Discrepancy Checker. You can either use the extension or download the HTML to check for any discrepancies between Google's results and SEOmonitor's data.

Use case

Checking the SERP can come in handy when you consider there’s been a crawling error or just want to check the SERP details that are not processed by SEOmonitor (yet). It can also come in handy if you want to "see what Google sees" so you verify the rankings correctly against your own browser.

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