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[FAQ] Why am I seeing different ranks in the browser than in the platform?
[FAQ] Why am I seeing different ranks in the browser than in the platform?

Find out how to double-check and why you can trust the ranks in SEOmonitor

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When you search for a keyword in Google, the rank in that SERP might be different than the one reported for the same keyword in the SEOmonitor campaign for that website.

How do we crawl for ranks?

  • Depending on the timezone set for that specific campaign, we'd start the crawl overnight, to make sure that you have the ranks ready every morning.

  • Always in the Incognito mode, to avoid the browsing history influencing the results and making them personalized.

  • If on a localized campaign, the ranks (and search volumes) are all for that specific location.

  • If not localized, the rank would be pulled from the capital city.

  • The language is set for the corresponding market in Google's Search Settings.

  • 100 results per SERP (also to be set in search settings).

How can you double-check it from your side? 

The exact same steps need to be followed:

  • Check that you have the last available day selected, otherwise you'd be looking at a different (historic) rank.

  • Make sure that you have the corresponding location set: if you have and a campaign localized on Manchester, your IP location should also be Manchester; if the campaign is not localized, your IP location should be London. You can see what location you have set for your website in Settings >> Website settings and then check your local IP with, for example.

  • Perform the search in Incognito mode, so the result won't be influenced by your browsing history and personalized results.

  • Check that the corresponding language for the Google market and 100 results per page are set in Google's Search Settings.

  • Check when the latest crawl was done and ask for a re-crawl, if needed.

Bear in mind that ranks may still vary slightly, depending on the Google Data Center that responds to your query, as the data might not be perfectly synchronized over all of them for a brief period.

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