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Full CSV export capabilities
Full CSV export capabilities
Extract any of your SEOmonitor data on demand, without worrying about limits or extra costs.
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We’ve enabled you to extract all your data in CSV format, without any restriction. Just like we did with the API access.

How does this work?

In every SEOmonitor product or interface where your data is rendered, you can request a CSV export of it.

The export request is processed in the background, and a download link is then sent via email when ready. Depending on the amount of data requested (like keyword number or timeframe), it can take from a few seconds to tens of minutes.

Note: We do all the processing in the background (rather than giving you a direct download), because some exports take longer than your browser would accept to wait.

The download link also becomes available in the Exports dashboard (or you’d see it as still processing, accordingly); this is also where you have visibility over your team’s exports and can download and filter as you need to:


These exports come in handy when you need to further process the data from SEOmonitor in spreadsheets or other tools. If you’re exporting only to later process the data in Google Sheets, we’d recommend using our Sheets Addon.

Other aspects

The exports apply any filter or search you have active: you’re exporting the current view, be it filtered or on aggregated keywords, for example.

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