Available connectors to access your SEOmonitor data:

Getting started with your report

Go to datastudio.google.com , search for "SEOmonitor", select a connector and create a data source:

Log In with your Google Account and accept the Terms Of Service.

Authorise the Connector:

Insert your API token.

☞ Tip: To get your API token, go to app.seomonitor.com → Profile → API token.

Next, select the campaign you need the data for and start configuring your report.

☞ Tip: we recommend that you allow parameters ("Campaign", in the example below) to be modified in reports.

Review and edit the reports fields.

When ready click on the "Create Report" button.

Available templates:

For any questions, you can reach out to us via the in-app chat or by email.

(For indexing purposes, we will also refer to this as Google DataStudio.)

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